About 937 Strategy Group

937 Strategy Group, LLC, is a Black-Owned Small Business. Established in 2014, we provide business and management consulting services to clients worldwide. 
937 Strategy Group started as a health care advisory firm after the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. That is still a crucial part of what we do: helping leaders and healthcare organizations win in the industry. In 2016, we found that organizations in other sectors and government agencies could also benefit from our expertise. Since then, we’ve provided business consulting, management, and planning services in healthcare, finance, technology, and advanced manufacturing. Additionally, we provide some of the best-in-class leadership training, executive coaching, motivational speaking, and strategy development when it comes to solving your human capital, diversity and inclusion, and corporate culture problems. Our consultants have helped organizations turn perpetual problems into progressive solutions.

937 Strategy Group is elite and cutting-edge. We see things that others don’t see and solve problems that others can’t solve. Our key consultants and a national network of partners offer experience and expertise in a wide range of disciplines. We bring prestige and innovation to all of our engagements.
Need a strategic advisor? We have that. Need a keynote speaker? We have that. Need a fixer? We have that too. Why? Because like Winston Wolf...we solve problems.

Our expertise includes:

  • Executive Leadership Development

  • Team Building & Employee Engagement

  • Succession Planning

  • Public Policy (Healthcare & Human Services)

  • Alliance & Partnership Development

  • Stakeholder & Consumer Engagement

  • Strategic Communications

  • Public & Government Affairs

  • Diversity Management

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Forecasting 

  • Data Management and Security